Reviews for XYZ Motel

Very Relaxing

Reviewed 14 September 2015

I spent the whole time relaxing by the pool, sipping fruit cocktails and reading my books while my husband and daughter were kept busy scuba diving, mountain biking and exploring the local town. Bliss!

Y Kaur

Helpful and Friendly

Reviewed 10 August 2015

I was visiting for a conference that was being held nearby. The hosts arranged for a taxi to pick me up every morning to take me to the conference and bring me back again at the end of the day, and dinner in my room so I didn't have to go out again. Very helpful and friendly.

M Moffatt


Reviewed 15 July 2015

Unfortunately the weather was very bad while I was staying here, so I couldn't go out and enjoy many of the outdoor activities. The hosts let me use the mini-theatre room, which had an extensive range of DVD's, so I wasn't bored at all. Thanks guys!

S Patel

Very Family Friendly

Reviewed 14 June 2015

My wife and I were a bit worried that our little girl might not have much to keep her entertained during our stay. The friendly hosts came up with a box full of toys and games and were also able to recommend some nearby family-friendly activities and restaurants.

H Thallapelly

Great Place!

Reviewed 07 June 2015

The motel's cat, Charlie, befriended us and followed us everywhere we went. When it was time to leave we had to sadly say goodbye to our new little friend, but we promised to come back and visit again.

N Sanderson
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